Results for September 2019 Membership, held on Friday September 10th at the Overton Recreation Centre, Bridge Street.

Congratulations to Mrs Cath Wheeler for winning the £1,000 prize.

The next draw will take place on Friday 8th November at 4.15pm at the Bridge Street Pavilion.

Please note that due to GDPR regulations, we can only print the names of those who have signed a declaration form.

Prize MoneyWinning NumberNameCollector

£1000 Winner1462 Mrs Cath WheelerPaul Wheeler

£200 Winner3138 name withheldEmma Scoggins

£100 Winners2179 name withheldEmma Scoggins

2103 Mr Allan VaughanGolf

797 Mrs Joanna VarneyEmma Scoggins

£50 Winners126 Mr Robert WalkerGolf

975 Name withheldDerek Davis

375 Mrs Caroline WellsDennis Rowles

£20 Winners1386 Mrs Melanie TongueGolf

170 Mr Neil FordColin Webb

1612 Mrs Cath WheelerPaul Wheeler

1950 Caroline WellsDennis Rowles

1329 Mr Derek ClarkRichard Gibbins

2305 Name withheldEmma Scoggins

122 Mr Laith AldooriOUFC

1877 Mr Robert CoombesDennis Rowles

1484 Mr Alan DrakeGolf

1900 Mr Richard LloydPhil Wheeler

225 Sally PurverDennis Rowles

2133 Mr Allan VaughanGolf

1067 Mr Jamie FewtrellOUFC

1208 Mr Mano SinghGolf

331 Mr Bruce BlowGolf

3496 Mr Keith TuckerOUFC

2952 Name withheldColin Webb

3273 Mr Peter NutleyGolf

2750 Mr Wayne CharltonOYFC

2444 Mr Robin AllumGolf