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Self Registration Process


First and foremost TMGC are required by the ORC to keep a log of all members and guests that play our golf course – the ORC have to supply Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council with annual usage stats so that we can prove the facility is still worthy of Council funding. We do not operate a booking system so our only method of doing this is by self registration forms.

Furthermore whilst track and trace is still in place for our facility there is that added need.

  • The daily ‘self-registration’ sheets will be kept on the table just inside the clubhouse door with the sanitiser and wipes (you should all be aware of the door entry code)
  • Please use the daily sheets to sign in and include the names of all the members playing in your group
  • We have / will be adding further details – Male/Female/Junior so please tick the relevant box when the forms request this.
  • Please ensure all guests are also signed in and that their £5 green fees put in the completed envelopes provided and deposited in the letterbox. Guests must display their bag tags at all times
  • IF any member who has played TMGC is unfortunate enough to contract Covid-19 they should immediately inform the club as soon as possible and self-isolate in line with government guidelines.
  • If you are playing and do notice non-members playing the course please ask them politely to leave and explain why but do invite them to join our club by contacting Emma Scoggins.

Thank you all for your co-operation and support. Happy Golfing one and all !

TMGC Committee